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Welcome to FINNOVO® we are a team of blended experts in finance and technology. With years of experience specialising in developing innovative software platforms, products & applications that help businesses in digitalization whilst leveraging the latest cutting-edge technology.

Our Products

yfy® App - Platform

Welcome to our employee management platform, which provides a comprehensive common interfacefor handling various aspects of employee lifecycle not limited to attendance tracking, leave management, reimbursements, payroll processing, tax declarations, candidate selection, interview scheduling, onboarding, management approvals and real-time analytics., having user-friendly, easy to use interface and powerful features, we aim to simplify and optimize your HR and Finance operations, ensuring smooth and efficient processes.

Task Management App

Welcome to our task management application, the ultimate solution for seamless task assignment, sub-assignment, sales leads follow-up and incident tracking. With our user-friendly and intuitive software, you'll be able to streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and ensure accountability within your organization.

Document Management System

An application where sharing your research documents within the organization becomes effortless. Our Document Management application is designed to rethink the way you publish, collaborate and preserve your valuable document assets.

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Finnovo's software solutions have revolutionized our business operations. Highly recommended!

The data analytics services provided by Finnovo have helped us uncover valuable insights and make better strategic decisions.

The mobile app developed by Finnovo has greatly improved our customer engagement and user experience.

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gray and black laptop computer on surface
gray and black laptop computer on surface